Călin Adrian

The Official Website

If you were to describe me, you could say that I am my passions.

I have a very inquisitive mind and I am keen to learn more about everything new in all that interest me: music, designing websites and the esthetic part of all the beautiful things that envelops acknowledgment.

This is the part that keeps me going on with searching, learning and developing all my hobbies.

My main passion of course remains the radio, offering my listeners a good time whenever they join me on my other site: radiosmart.uk.

I got into radio due to my love of music, so I’ve created a directory of world radio stations to ensure that every music lover can listen anytime to the best radio stations around the globe.

In this hard times of uncertainty and disruption, we need to make a difference however small it is. With this, I want to allow all my public – big or small – to find a ray of hope every time I share with them my passions.

I am entirely open to new ideas and I would really love for you to share with me your your honest thoughts and opinions.

I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I do.

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